How To Prospect Like A Top Real Estate Agent and Make Six Figures

Many real estate agents are missing the boat, when it comes to making a large six figure income selling homes. In fact, even the principle brokers, and broker owners are not teaching what needs to be done today to become a big earner.

What I’m going to give you in this article is 1 simple method you can use tomorrow to start prospecting, generating listing appointments, and producing qualified buyers.

Before I do that though, let me let you in on a big secret…

The top real estate agents in the world, all have 1 thing in common that they do everyday…

They plan 1hr or more in their calendar to call people who will bring them closer to selling another home.

That’s their secret…

So how can you use this in your life, to make more money and grow your real estate business?

What I’m about to give you is a detailed step-by-step on how to become really profitable at real estate prospecting…

First, block out 1hr per day in your calendar everyday. The time doesn’t matter just make sure you can stick to it, no matter what.

Second, figure out who you want to work with. Buyers, sellers, banks etc.

Third, figure out how you are going to communicate to them what you have. Most real estate agents rely on the phone exclusively. I wouldn’t differ from that if you are new in your real estate career. It’s simple, in expensive and everyone has one.

Fourth, get a list of their contact information.

For example, you can call expired listings. Getting the contact information of expired listings is simple as apple pie. If you were to FSBO, get a stack of magazines with the owners information. You can even pull title records to get complete information on the owners.

Next, figure out what you are going to say. And the compelling reasons you are going to give them to take action with you. Also, develop some good questions to engage them.

For example, if you are calling expired listings. Ask them why they haven’t relisted, if they have urgency and if they were to relist what type of things would they expect their new agent to do, that their last agent didn’t do.

I’ll let you in on another big tip: It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Make your tone sound more conversational, low key and friendly.

If you are an aggressive A type person, tone it down. Remember, you have to sound non-threatening. Especially, if you are calling people and have no clue what their last experience was with a real estate agent.

Lastly, and the most important… CALL THEM!

Sounds simple right?

Well to be honest, the fear of picking up the phone is what keeps people broke and frustrated in the real estate game. And it doesn’t happen right away, it’s after many days of not picking up the phone where you develop true phone fear.

Break it today and pick up the phone. You’ll be happier and richer!